CRE Terms to Know: Delivered

A building that has completed construction (i.e. obtained its certificate of occupancy). With a COO, the property will be considered delivered whether or not tenants have occupied the space. (Synonyms: completion; new supply) Learn more at

CRE Terms to Know: Debt Coverage Ratio

The debt coverage ratio is the ratio of the net operating income to the mortgage payment. If net operating income is projected to change over time, the investor typically reports the first year’s net operating income. Learn more at

CRE Terms to Know: Cubic Volume

In many industrial facilities, the cubic volume of the building must be calculated so a user can determine the size and type of racking and sorting equipment that can be accommodated. Learn more at

CRE Terms to Know: Cross Dock

Loading docks on opposite sides of a relatively shallow distribution facility that allow for quick loading, sorting or unloading from one vehicle to another (i.e., materials from one truck at a loading dock are unloaded, sorted and reloaded onto one or more trucks). Learn more at

CRE Terms to Know: Creditworthy Tenant

A tenant with a business that has been in existence for numerous years, that has strong financial statements, or that has a large market presence that could be rated as investment grade by a rating agency. Financial and business stability implies that the tenant is highly likely to honor its lease commitment; the tenant is, … Read more

CRE Terms to Know: Creative Office Space

Previously industrial space with high ceilings and exposed air ducts. The space is often made of brick and timber and has been converted to office or studio space that often caters to technology, advertising, media and entertainment tenants (TAME). Learn more at

CRE Terms to Know: Coworking Space

Workspace offered for lease for short- to long-term periods in a communal setting. Space for office, artistic or manufacturing use can be leased by the day, month, year or even hour. The physical space leased can range from a traditional dedicated private office with a door to an unassigned seat on a bench along a … Read more

CRE Terms to Know: Core Investment

An investment in a high-quality real estate asset that is located in a highly accessible and highly desirable submarket. The asset commands among that submarket’s highest rents and requires virtually zero near-term capital expenditures. The asset is at least 80 percent leased, carries long-term leases with creditworthy tenants, and is among the most sought-after assets … Read more

CRE Terms to Know: Core Area

The common area plus vertical penetrations in an office building measured in square feet. Core area is typically expressed as a percentage of net rentable area. This factor, which ranges from 5 to 20 percent for typical office buildings, can be computed for an entire building or a single floor of a building. Learn more … Read more

CRE Terms to Know: Conversion

A building that is changed from one use to another (i.e., an office building that is converted to a multifamily building). Space being converted is removed from current inventory and included in the under construction category for the planned future use (i.e., an office building being converted to an apartment building will be removed from … Read more